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Teal has stood at peace for thousand of years, since the usurper Retalik O’hara-hines declared war on the [[Deities | Deities]], a war that shattered the very fabric of reality and tore the land apart. Walking the earth, the gods vanquished Retalik with their combined power and in the process, destroyed their physical manifestation leaving them only in the basic astral form in which they existed at the dawn of creation.

The years that followed allowed Teal to rebuild and evolve into a land divided into six; Aerycia, the mining kingdom under the rule of Issass Herth, Thane, the kingdom of natural beauty and arts belonging to the elven lord Celaden Greenroot, Regan a vast desert region ruled over by the feared bandit lord Rarder Velle, the wilds a rugged and dangerous place between kingdoms, the Steelpick Islands where the dwarves reside under Glili Steelpick a dwarven woman with a ferocious temper and Milden the isolated northern kingdom sealed away by two vast golden gates sandwiched between a impassible range of mountains. All these govern their own realms with their own laws, traditions and beliefs.

Six months prior to out story, the princess of Aerycia vanished from her quarters, becoming the catalyst that began a bloody civil war that ravaged the land. Now as the battles grow larger and the death count rises, the guilds that keep order and simplicity to the land, guilds that have remained neutral in the political hostility are becoming more and more pressured into the struggle.

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