Retalik O’hara-Heins was a human boy orphaned at six in the siege of Caltamore. His parents, Rehare and Eliyna were both drafted into the cities militia during the defence and passed from the living world in each others arms.
To survive, Retalik became a thief and stole to survive, moving from city to city to avoid capture at the hands of the various city watches. During a particularly cold day, when the snow had piled past the middle of grown adults, Retalik snuck into a nobles home to escape the biiting cold and was caught by the owner, a elven man by the name of Haldiril Yavanandrel.

Taking pity on the urchin, Haldiril took the child in as an apprentice, teaching him the ways of magic. Over the years that Retalik studied under the elf he learnt many things about him. Haldiril was a great mage and was appointed royal keeper of spells to the then ruler of Teal, Emiloas III and still held the position three hundred years and seven rulers later. He was regarded as the greatest wizard to ever live and was rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.
Retalik left the care of the ancient elf at the age of nineteen and travelled back to his hometown of Caltamore where he constructed and opened a library of magical arts, collecting spell books from across the world and giving free access to those who wished to study the art of magic.

It is unknown when, but Retalik acquired a book long thought forgotten, a book known only as the Book of Vile Darkness and upon studying it, Retaliks mind snapped. He declared himself a god and used the evil spells contained within to raise an army and with it, Retalik O’Hara-Heins declared war on the gods themselves.
The black army followed the dark wizard across Teal. Vile and treacherous generals commanded raiding parties and wherever they went, temples were burnt, priestesses were raped and children slaughtered, left to bleed in the streets. Deep below the ground, past the deepest parts of the underdark, Retalik found what the book had told him he would need, a small sphere blacker than shadow. Pouring his anger and torment into the artefact, Retalik drew in the very essence of evil and opened a portal to the domain of the gods.

Knowing their land of peace was at risk, the gods descended onto Teal where they clashed in battle with the tens of thousands of followers Retalik had corrupted. They waded through the crowds and pouring their strength, grace and desire for Teals peace together, they tore Retalik apart and their ability to walk the land with him, ending the Walking War.


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