Welcome to Teal

In the distant past magic was abundant in the world of Teal. The study and use of magic seeped into every aspect of life. The people grew lazy and complacent as the magical artefacts completed the growing of food, protection of the peoples and constructed the golden cities in which thy lived. This continued until the cities grew to the clouds and man began to think themselves gods. From this age came Retalik O’hara-Hynes. a wizard of extraordinary power who dedicated his adult life to finding a way to rise above the gods themselves. With this research he came across an ancient tome speaking of the Orb of Creation, a artefact so powerful it could alter past present an future and tear existence asunder allowing the wielder to bend the world to his will.
Retalik raised a army and with it marched across the land in search of the orb. Eventually Retalik found his prize hidden deep within a vault constructed by the gods. Seeing the imminent danger, the gods descended onto Teal and faced Retalik with his new found power. The war lasted just six minutes but in those few minutes, millions lost their lives. It ended with the gods drawing all the magic in Teal and together, the twenty divine beings channelled that energy and with it vanquished both Retalik and the orb from existence. The war was won but in doing so the gods burnt their ability to take physical form and changed Teal forever.
The energy needed to defeat Retalik was so great that the explosion toe the world asunder. The golden cities disintegrated, shards of precious metals and stone drawn into the tears between realities. The magical artefacts died and Teals populous fell into chaos as food stocks dwindled and survival became that of the fittest.

But Teal survived.

Thousands of years later, Teal has moved on. The surviving people learnt to work the land and build their homes with bare hands. Great empires rose out of the ashes to lead the broken continents into a age of peace. Tradesmen organised themselves into great guilds to pass on techniques from all over the world and ensuring the continuation of knowledge that had once been ripped away from them. Magic began to seep back into the world and with it came the Seekers Guild, a collection of warriors, mages and those seeking fortune, charged with searching out and retrieving the magical lost artefacts of history from the cities of the dead and bringing them back to the possession of the living. But with order and civilisation also comes chaos. Great orders of paladins fight back the creeping aberrations from the Maelstroms of both north and south. Goblins, Orcs and other creatures of violence and destruction roam the wilds, a harsh and rugged land between the kingdoms, threatening the lives of all.

The Chronicles of Teal: War of Kings